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Abstract Guidelines

Abstract Submission
Hence, Scientific Program Committee now wishes to invite abstracts from clinicians and pediatric researchers, for oral or poster presentations, and/or for inclusion in the conference agenda book. The topic for abstract can be all pediatric related research: basic clinical research; pediatric management; scientific research methods; education methods or clinical experiences. 
Please carefully read the Abstract Guideline below before submitting an abstract. Abstracts can only be submitted electronically through official Congress website. Abstract sent by post, fax or email WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Important Dates
Deadline for abstract submission:  October 1, 2021

Important Notes
 ★Accepted abstracts will be presented in either thematic Poster Sessions or Oral Abstract Sessions. Abstracts not selected for presentations may still be included in the conference agenda book.
 ★Authors of abstracts accepted for presentation MUST be registered delegates and be responsible for all expenses incurred in the production of their presentations, travel and accommodation during the Conference.
 ★It is the author's responsibility to submit a correctly edited and accurate abstract. Any errors in spelling, grammar or scientific fact will be reproduced as typed by the author. Abstracts will be rejected if they contain no data or if the English is unacceptable. All Presenting Authors will receive, closer to the Congress, detailed presentation guidelines when their abstract/s has/have been accepted.
 ★Acknowledgement of the receipt of abstract submission will be sent to the Presenting Author's email address immediately upon submission. An abstract accepted/rejection letter will be sent once a decision is made. The Presenting Author will receive all correspondence regarding the abstract status, presentation type, date and time, via the email that is provided in the abstract submission.
Abstract Guidelines
 ★The abstract must be written and presented in English.
★The abstract must be submitted online. (Click for Online Submission Guidlines)
★You need to be registered for the Congress in order to submit an abstract.
★The abstract must contain original data and meet international ethical standards.
★Case reports that include findings that are significant and have applied appropriate statistical and analytical methods will be considered.
★Previously published and presented abstracts can be submitted, but will not be published in the web pages of the Congress.
★The abstract title and the author(s) or names of institutions are not to be included in the abstract text.
★Standard abbreviations may be employed in the text. Place special or unusual abbreviations in parentheses after the full wording at the first time the full wording appears in the body of the text.
★Non-proprietary (generic) names of drugs, written in lower case, are required at the first mention of a drug.
★Trade names are not allowed.
★Submission of more than one abstract by the same author is permitted.
Abstracts submission categories  

1 Allergy                                                                         
2 Cardiology                                                                                                       
3 Child Health Care / Developmental Behavior
4 Clinical Epidemiology                                         
5 Clinical Pharmacology                              
6 Dermatology                                                    
7 Disaster Preparedness
8 Early Childhood Development                            
9 Endocrinology                                                   
10 Epigenetics / Physical Activity                           
11 Gastroenterology / Nutriology                              
12 Hematology / Oncology                                         
13 Immunology                                                              
14 In Utero Pediatrics                                                   
15 Infectious Disease                                                   
16 Neonatology                                                              
17 Nephrology                                                              
18 Neurology                                                              
19 Nursing                                                                         
20 Others                                                                         
21 Pediatric Intensive / Critical Care                   
22 Psychology / Mental Health                              
23 Pulmonology                                                               
24 Rare Diseases                                                              
25 Sleep                                                                         
26 Ultrasound / Radiology                                         

Structure of the Abstract
★Include a brief statement of the purpose of the study.
★Include the method used, and the result observed
★Include the conclusions based upon the results
★A maximum of 800 words is allowed for the abstract text.
★Tables and graphs should not be included in the abstract.
★References (maximum of 2) can be included at the end of the abstract.
★It is inadequate to state "The results will be discussed" or "The data will be presented".
We kindly ask you to subtitle the paragraphs in bold format in the following order:
 - Background
 - Method
 - Results
 - Conclusions
A) Background: A statement of purpose of the study (preferably one sentence).
B) Methods: A brief statement of the methods used. For abstracts reporting clinical research, a sentence or phrase presenting the most important selection criteria for subjects should be included.
C) Results: A summary of the results presented in sufficient detail with statistical analysis to support the conclusions.
D) Conclusions: A statement of the conclusions reached. It is not satisfactory to state, "the results will be discussed," or "other data will be presented," etc.
Affiliations should include department, institute, town and country. Where there are multiple affiliations, each should be listed as a separate paragraph. Each institute should appear in the order used against the author names and show the appropriate superscript number, e.g.:
1 Department, University, Town, State, Zip code, Malaysia
2 University, Town, State, Postcode, Malaysia
3 Company, Town, State, Malaysia, Postcode
** Please note! If affiliations are not listed as above you will not be published! **
Consent to Publish
Should your abstract contain identifiable information about a patient, we ask all consent is received before submitting your abstract. Please check the box if you have received consent to publish or if you do not need consent to publish.
Abstract Revisions
Changes to abstracts are accepted only until the submission deadline by using the abstract submission website. After 1 October 2021, no changes or revisions will be allowed.
Notification of Acceptance
Notification of acceptance/rejection will be emailed by 15 November 2021. The Presenting Author will receive all correspondence regarding the abstract status, presentation type, date and time, via the email that is provided in the abstract submission.
Publication of Abstracts
Accepted Abstract Authors will have their abstract published online at the official Congress website
Attendance of Presenters
ASPR cannot guarantee that Presenting Authors who do not show up during the session will be accepted for abstract presentations at future meetings.

Important Dates

Conference Date

December 11-12, 2021

Abstract Submission Deadline

October 15, 2021

Online Registration Opens

March 5 -December 12, 2021

Abstract Submission